Ten major causes of leakage switch tripping, with solutions

July 20, 2021

Today, we have summarized ten reasons for the tripping of household leakage circuit breakers, and hope to help you.


One, the circuit breaker selection is too small


This happened mainly because the user changed the circuit during the renovation, but did not replace the circuit breaker. For example, it was originally a five-hole socket, but it was changed to an air conditioner socket by the user.


In order to save costs, some developers may use C16 circuit breakers for the five-hole socket circuit. If this type of circuit breaker drives the air conditioner, it will inevitably cause the circuit breaker to overload and cause tripping.


Solution: Replace the trip circuit breaker, the air conditioner socket circuit breaker selection should be C20, C25, C32. If it is confirmed that the trip was caused by changing the five-hole socket to an air conditioner socket, you don't have to worry about the line side problem, because the wires behind the air conditioner socket are generally 4 square meters.

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2. Breaker installation failure


Loose wires at the lower port of the circuit breaker will cause poor wire contact, which can easily be recognized as a leakage current by the leakage protector.


Solution: After the power is off, use a screwdriver to fix the lower wire of the circuit breaker. If slippage occurs in the wiring post of the circuit breaker, replace the circuit breaker in time.


Third, the line uses too much power


The number of sockets pre-installed by developers often cannot meet the actual needs of users. As a result, users need to add the number of sockets during decoration. Especially in places with dense electrical appliances such as kitchens, multiple sockets are often led out from under the same circuit breaker.


The circuit breaker is installed on the main road. If the sockets of each branch are used at the same time, the main circuit current will be overloaded, the overload protection function of the circuit breaker will be triggered, and the trip will be triggered.


Solution: The best way is not to use multiple sockets (sockets on the same circuit) at the same time. If this is not possible, the circuit breaker needs to be replaced, but at the same time as the circuit breaker is replaced, the line side of the main wire needs to be replaced.

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4. Leakage of electrical equipment


This kind of problem most often occurs in the air conditioning circuit. If the grounding device inside the air conditioner fails, it is easy to cause leakage current in the circuit, which will cause a trip.


To identify whether the trip is caused by the leakage of the electrical equipment, you can unplug the electrical appliance (not turn off, but unplug the plug), and then close the switch to see if it still trips.


Solution: Contact the manufacturer for after-sales service and repair.


Five, line leakage


Inferior wires, after several years of use, the insulation may be damaged, which may lead to line leakage.


If the insulation is damaged, the trip must be due to the damage of the live wire or the neutral wire. If the ground wire is damaged, it will not cause a trip.


When judging whether the live wire or the neutral wire is damaged, you can unplug all the sockets of the circuit and observe whether the circuit is still tripping. If it is, then the live wire is damaged; if it does not trip and any electrical appliance is plugged in, it is the neutral wire. damaged.


Solution: Replace the damaged line, the project is huge. Experienced masters will choose to use a ground wire (if the ground wire is not broken) instead of the broken wire, but in this way, the socket will have no ground wire, and only low-power electrical appliances can be used, which is easier to operate. The user personally should not perform this operation, so as not to happen.

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6. Wiring error


When connecting the socket, if the neutral and ground wires of a socket are reversed (usually in places where the wire color is not used in accordance with the regulations), it will cause a trip during the decoration acceptance or the first use of the loop socket. (Of course, sometimes it will not trip, but there is no electricity in the socket. It depends on what appliance is plugged into the socket.)


Solution: Disassemble the socket and re-wire.


Seven, loop mixing


This is a taken-for-granted approach. Generally, users or electricians who are not technically skilled are prone to heat up their brains when changing circuits and make such mistakes.


When you want to add a light or socket, use the nearest lead wire. However, the zero wire and the live wire are divided into two circuit breakers▼

Compared with sockets, electric lights are more prone to this kind of failure, because the neutral and live wires of the electric light are divided into two junction boxes.


Solution: Remove the newly installed light or socket.

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8. Short circuit of electrical equipment or lines


The phenomenon of line short circuit is relatively rare in the family. If it occurs, it is likely to be caused by heat and melting inside the socket, resulting in metal adhesion. If this happens during decoration and acceptance, you need to consider that the live wire and the neutral wire are short-circuited during wiring.


Electrical equipment is short-circuited, which is common in electrical appliances with motors inside. After being burned, the metal may melt and cause adhesion.


Solution: Replace the socket or electrical appliance that is burned out.


Nine, the voltage is too low


It usually occurs at the main switch, which is the so-called "trip as soon as the power fails", and if this happens, your neighbors should also trip, unless the user replaces the distribution box or circuit breaker during renovation.


This is because an under-voltage release is added to the main switch to prevent the electrical appliances from being damaged by sudden calls. Many electrical appliances nowadays also have undervoltage protection devices inside, the most obvious is the air conditioner: it stops running after a power failure, and does not automatically start running after a power supply.


Solution: There is no need to solve it, it is a protection device for the circuit. If it is troublesome, replace the trip switch.


Ten, the voltage is too high


Compared with the voltage is too low, the damage of the voltage is obviously greater. It can burn down electrical appliances, or cause a fire.


It often occurs in places where the voltage is unstable such as new buildings or remote areas.


This is because the voltage in the line is too high, which causes the current in the line to be too large, which triggers the overload protection of the circuit breaker and causes a trip.


Solution: Call the power supply bureau and ask for repairs (to put it bluntly, there is no way). If it is a new real estate, the developer will hand over the house before the circuit is successfully debugged. At this time, calling the power supply bureau to complain will often have miraculous effects. Calling 95598 to complain to the local power supply branch (office) is not a complaint against the developer.